It’s hard, to tell a Tale that does not entail the mortal obsession commonly known as Time.

               It’s hard, to tell a Tale that exists separately, yet cannot be separated- from many others.   
So I supposed the only way, to tell such a tale, is to tell the many others, since there isn’t really a way to tell it otherwise.

               Though it continues to perplex me at which moment in the vastness of silly mortal ideas called Time and Space should I name the Beginning. I guess for one such as myself, the idea of a Beginning is still rather obscure. In the End, I guess that stories cannot be grasped with simple words. Emotions cannot be explained without being felt… Though it’d pain me for you to pass up on a Tale so grand.

               Oh? Am I the main character of this Tale? Oh my! Of Course Not! I am something like the… Useless Narrating Side Character- but not quite. You’ll come to understand, I’m sure.

               Now- where should I Begin? Was perhaps with the Snake? or was it with the Huntress?

               Oh my this is quite puzzling.

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